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How I Work

An Integrated Approach

My work marries the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions with modern evidence-based psychological findings, including cutting-edge research on neuroplasticity and the mind-body connection. After many years of experience, I’ve found that using an integrative approach is key to helping the whole person heal, transform, and connect with their deepest truths.

The Gift of Collaboration

I begin our therapeutic relationship by focusing on creating a warm, genuine, and heartfelt connection with you. And I wholeheartedly accept and support you exactly where you are. After all, where else could you possibly be!

My core value is to work in collaboration with you, listening intuitively for what’s needed next, and offering tools and guidance along the way.


However, I believe the work you do, the life you transform, and the choices you make are all your own. I deeply honor and respect your journey as yours, and I support your empowerment to create it as you so choose.

Approaches I've Developed

Mindful Inquiry

Through my many years of study and practice in Mindfulness, I have come to ground my work in an approach I developed called Mindful Inquiry. 

In a relaxed, open, and deeply aware state, we work collaboratively to:

  • Meet all that arises with acceptance and respect;

  • Bring forth unconscious conditioning and transform old patterns with expanded awareness;

  • Peel away stories and limiting beliefs of the mind to uncover the truth of your wise and radiant heart

Most often these stories of the mind are created in childhood and we unknowingly carry them into our adult lives. 

Yet when Mindful Inquiry is coupled with self-compassion, you have a great capacity to release yourself from your stories. In doing so, the light of loving awareness shines through, and you experience an awakening of freedom, expansion, and joy. 

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Mindful Sexuality

My years of expertise in sex therapy and education, along with my Mindfulness training inform the body of work I developed called Mindful Sexuality. With Mindful Sexuality, we bring an exquisite quality of awareness to the entirety of our sexual experience.

Bringing an expanded consciousness to our sexuality helps us to experience a larger world of erotic possibility, and also to heal sexual wounding and shame. Clients consistently report greater intimacy, joy, and self-awareness that spills over into the rest of their lives.

Would you like to experience this for yourself?

Check out my signature work on Mindful Sexuality.


Eye-movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful, evidence-based tool ideal for transforming trauma, anxiety, and limiting beliefs. I incorporated it into my practice 20 years ago and have yet to see any other method replicate its effects. Because EMDR can be both immediate and lasting, it is one of the most frequently used tools in my repertoire.

Learn more about how I use EMDR.


Until the mid-20th century, the adult brain was thought to be unmodifiable. We now know the brain’s neural pathways are incredibly malleable and change over time. This is called neuroplasticity. 

I delight in empowering clients to know they have the ability to rewire their brains. Together, we take steps to overcome the brain’s persistent negativity bias. By using a variety of tools adapted from modern science, I help clients prune away what doesn’t serve and install what does.

First, we reframe negative thoughts and experiences and replace them with what feels more, resonant, beautiful, and truth-filled. But while reframing is valuable, real and lasting change happens when our truths are felt inside the body—deeply and repetitively—for a period of time. Research shows that even 30 seconds of focused meditation makes a difference! 

In my sessions with clients, we use guided meditation for as long as you desire. From there, I encourage you to practice it in your own life. Doing so over time becomes easier and more familiar. And it’s certainly worth it. Imagine the expansion, possibilities, and new awakenings you can bring into your life by rewriting your brain.

I would be grateful to be your guide as you experience the beauty of this for yourself.

"When the mind quiets, the truth arises."
~ Beth Apfelbaum

Please call me at (415) 863-2222.
I offer a free and confidential phone consultation.

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