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I have a special affinity for working with couples. Even before I became a therapist, I spent a great deal of time studying practical questions of love: what brings people together, what gets in the way of staying together, and perhaps, most importantly, how can we make love last?


I bring a wealth of techniques and experience to my couples practice, paying attention to what’s needed at any given moment. When it comes to helping couples create a securely-attached and thriving relationship, a handful of contemporary approaches have informed the body of work I've created. PACT—a Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy—draws from neuroscience to regulate and calm the nervous system, allowing reactivity to fade and heartfelt connection to blossom; Emotionally Focused Therapy is rooted in the innovative science of attachment and bonding; and the Gottman Method of couples therapy utilizes well-researched principles that shine a bright light on how to create and sustain a loving, lifetime relationship. 


Drawing from these cutting edge models, I've developed my own approach, which I call The Heart of the Couple. One of the core tenets of The Heart of the Couple is that the two of you form an entity greater than the sum of both of you—an entity with a special heart of its own. The heart of a couple needs mindful attention, plenty of compassion, and a skillfully held space to come forth and blossom into its full beauty. I take great joy in holding that space and guiding both of you to fill the heart of your relationship with everlasting loving-kindness. 


I enjoy working with couples of diverse backgrounds, orientations, relationship styles, and genders. I'm frequently told by couples how much they appreciate my grounded presence, non-judgmental receptivity, and loving guidance. 


In our sessions, I act as an ally to you both, helping each of you to reconnect with what matters most—your love for yourselves and each other. I also strongly believe in empowering you with valuable and pragmatic information along the way. In addition to what we do in session, you'll come away with practical tools beneficial for ongoing growth and transformation beyond your work with me.


If it’s time to pay loving attention to what matters most—the heart of your relationship—I'd be pleased to witness and guide you along the way.

Couples Therapy


Remember how loving, easy, and juicy things used to be?

That's still available to you... at any moment in time.

When we see how our conditioning and trauma have led us astray, we can chose to wake up to the truth, do the deep work, and fall back in love again

Using a signature blend of timeless ancient wisdom, modern evidenced-based teachings, and innovative practices you can
rewire your relationship for greater joy, passion,

and lasting loving-kindness.

Rekindling the
Heart of the Couple

"When soul rises into lips You feel the kiss
You have wanted."
~ Rumi
Through our work together, you'll learn to:

  • Nurture a strong connection and deep friendship that also respects each partner's autonomy;

  • Find new ways to navigate difficult moments, leaving behind conditioned patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you;

  • Kindle or rekindle deep passion and resolve sexual difficulties with loving-kindness;

  • Find out how changes made by one person can influence an entire relationship—and ultimately shift what feels stuck into a more fluid and lively way of being;

  • Remember how to have fun and enjoy each other’s gifts.


And you'll receive guidance and clarity about: 

  • Paths intimate relationships commonly take;

  • How to move from a path that creates distress to one filled with growth and joy;

  • Ways to walk the delicate line between accepting your partner exactly as they are and asking for everything you want and deserve;

  • Ways of soothing yourself during those inevitable moments when things just aren’t going the way you’d like;

  • And Mindful Sexuality—an approach to greater awareness, empowerment, and pleasure.

Please call me at

(415) 863-2222.

I offer a free and confidential phone consultation.

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