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*Teletherapy Sessions  Available*

Currently all sessions are offered virtually, via video or phone. For video, I use a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom or a highly specialized platform, and never record any sessions. 

I’m pleased to report that my clients are having positive experiences with virtual therapy. In fact, many of them enjoy being able to have sessions in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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Professional headshot of Beth Apfelbaum, Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi everyone, I’m Beth!

Welcome to my psychotherapy practice.


Over the last 25 years of clinical work, spiritual exploration, sex counseling, and professional study, I have developed a signature blend of approaches, which has guided many hundreds of clients toward greater truth, love, and joy. 

"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it.
What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."
~ Ramana Maharshi

I value and draw from both the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions, as well as recent evidence-based psychological findings.

In particular, I have helped individuals and couples to manifest, grow, and savor the relationships and sex lives they desire. I am passionate about my practice, and feel honored and grateful to witness each client’s personal unfolding.

As an EMDR therapist for 20 years, I’ve been especially touched and inspired as clients have moved through trauma, limiting beliefs, and shame. Along with EMDR, I use a number of other innovative approaches to aid individuals facing long-standing pain of all kinds.

I've also worked with many clients who are using prescriptive ketamine to transform depression, anxiety, and trauma. I help them properly prepare for an integrate their journey to have the most therapeutic and cathartic experience possible. Ketamine fosters an expanded state of awareness which enables us to overcome our conditioned, limiting beliefs and embrace a more grounded, peaceful, and loving way of being.

With acceptance and love, I provide a safe space for anyone struggling with the racial, social, and economic injustices endemic to today's world. Together we’ll explore ways to show up that reflect your values, and contribute to your evolution.

I see many long-term clients of diverse backgrounds, orientations, relationship styles, and genders who tell me they stay with me because of my grounded and loving presence, my non-judgmental receptivity, and my collaborative approach. They also appreciate the touches of humor and lightheartedness I bring into our work.

A number of clients also come to me for my expertise in:

  • Spiritual opening and transformation;

  • Sex therapy with clients across the spectrum of sexual and gender expressions, including practices from monogamy to polyamory, and from tantra to kink;

  • Couples therapy;

  • Healing from trauma using EMDR and other innovative approaches;

  • Supporting alternative and complementary medical approaches to depression, anxiety, and chronic illness, including preparing for and integrating prescriptive ketamine therapy;

  • Treating all common sexual concerns.

I also assist clients with a wide range of life issues, including shame and self-criticism, self-esteem and self-doubt, negative body image, grief and loss, as well as general health and well-being.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about how we can work together. If you resonate with my approach, I would love to hear from you!

With warmth and care,



Pronouns: she/her/hers

Please call me at (415) 863-2222.
I offer a free and confidential phone consultation.

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